5 steps to keeping that New Year’s resolution to excercise more

New Years Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions - how sticky are you?

The Christmas decorations are packed away, the tree is down and we're back at work. Some of us may have a few remnants of Christmas cheese languishing in the fridge and few unwanted chocs in the tin (Coffee Creme, anyone?)

We’ll make our healthy New Year’s resolutions. We'll reminding ourselves that THIS year we will stick to them and be fit and feeling fabulous by the summer. Sound familiar?

  • More than three quarters of New Year’s resolutions fail by February
  • Give yourself the best chance of success with some SMART goal setting

Here are our five steps to achieving your exercise goals in 2019:

  1. Make them SPECIFIC. If your goals are clearly defined you can measure what you have achieved. So instead of telling yourself: I will exercise more, try being specific. You could plan something that fits into your life like: I will walk to and from work on a Monday instead of taking the car. Looking for ideas? Get some inspiration.

  2. Make MINOR changes. By trying to change too much you could be setting yourself up for failure. Take our example above, if you focus on just car free Mondays who knows, you might find that Monday turns to Tuesday too and so on.

  3. Ensure your goals are ACHIEVABLE. Don’t make it too difficult. What we call 'active travel' (walking or cycling instead of taking the car) is a great way to fit exercise into your day and could actually save you time in the long run.

    If you live several miles from work and are a novice cyclist maybe don’t decide you will start cycling to and from work in January! Instead start off walking and plan some activity around getting on your bike in the summer. Plan actions you can tick off your list as summer approaches: get your bike serviced, check out the cycle routes in your area or plan your route on the Connect Tees Valley journey planner so that come summer you are all ready to go.

  4. Take time to enjoy and REWARD your achievements. Share them with other people. You might even want to give yourself some tangible rewards in the form of a treat. Our Workplace Commuter Challenge is a good way to get other people involved with you.

  5. Don’t TACKLE TOO many goals from the outset! Exercise that fits into your daily routine is easier to adopt and stick to. So, walking or using your bike for local journeys and taking the bus and train and walking for longer ones is ideal.


Good luck (not that you will need it) Let's Go 2019!

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