Learn to maintain your own bike!

Learn how to maintain your own bike

Learn to maintain your own bike

  • Dates: Tuesday 17 July (gears and chains), Tuesday 24 July (brakes), Tuesday 31 July (frames, forks and flats) 2018
  • Time: 5.30 – 7.30 pm
  • Cost: Discounted price £5 per session (£15 for all three recommended)
  • How to book: Booking essential on 01429 28 45 84 or summerhill.enquiries@hartlepool.gov.uk or Register on Facebook
  • Getting there: Use our journey planner to plan your route to TS25 4LL

Hartlepool Cycle Clinic are offering a package of three 1.5 hour courses in July to teach you how to maintain your own bike.

Save money and time by keeping your bicyle running as smoothly as the day you bought it and making minor repairs yourself. In these courses you will learn just how easy it is to check and maintain your own bike and parts. As each course covers different aspects it is recommended that you attend all three.

You will still need to ensure that complex, hard to evaluate components are inspected and serviced by an experienced mechanic. This course will however help you catch potential problems early, before they become hazards and make pre-ride inspection adjustments.

Session 1: Gears and chains

Ever have the feeling that you are fighting against your gears when you are riding? Even less expensive bikes should shift gear smoothly. Learn how to adjust cable tension or reduce friction to improve gear changes.

Damage to chains caused by incorrect installation or wear and tear can lead to failure and possible injury. Learn how to keeping your chain clean, lubricated and how to replace a worn or damaged chain.

Session 2: Brakes

Keep your brakes working safely and smoothly. You will learn how to check for wear and adjust your brakes so that they work well and don’t make that loud squealing noise! This includes different types of brakes.

Session 3: Frame, forks and flats

We will teach you how to check your frame for cracks. We’ll run through everything else on the bike so that you are able to do a thorough pre-ride check and are familiar with what parts need professional treatment.

Keeping your tires inflated will help you avoid punctures. Even so, these can still happen. By taking this course you will ensure that when they do you are able to fix your flat on the roadside and get on your way.


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