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Cycle September 2018

Join us to get more people in Tees Valley cycling!

What is Love to Ride?

Love to Ride is an international campaign that aims to get more people cycling by showing them how easy and enjoyable it is. Regular challenges throughout the year offer staff from local businesses the chance to compete in Love to Ride Tees Valley. Prizes include daily spot prizes ranging from gear, to vouchers or even holidays abroad as well as awards for businesses in a number of categories.

If you love to ride why not join us, build your team and spread the love!


Cycle September 2018

Cycle September is a fun, free, competition to see which workplace can encourage the most people to try riding.  

Organisations from around the world (with national and local leaderboards too, of course) will compete to see which can get the most staff to try riding a bike.

It's all about participation! 

Organisations will compete against others of a similar size to see which can get the highest percentage of staff riding a bike during September. Your organisation will compete on a local, national, and brand new for this year - Global, leaderboard!

All you need to do is register on the Love to Ride Tees Valley website [external link] and encourage other people at work to do the same. Teams log their rides on the Love to Ride website (either manually or automatically by logging in using the Strava app) during Bike Week and Cycle September for a chance to win amazing prizes.

Why take part?

We'll have plenty of FREEBIES up for grabs for individuals as well as amazing prizes for the winning organisation/department in each size category.

You don't have to be a keen cycle commuter to take part - all types of rides count towards your team's score!

I want to take part - now what!?

Register now, join a team from your profile settings, get your friends & colleagues on a bike and spread the word about the great prizes up for grabs!

Who else is doing it?

To date more than 2,300 cyclists from nearly 150 local organisations have pedaled more than one million miles as part of the Tees Valley Love to Ride cycle challenge. This is the equivalent of traveling to the moon and back, TWICE!

Chemoxy International, a major employer with sites in Middlesbrough and Billingham, joined the challenge in 2015 and now has a large number of staff regularly taking part.

According to Stephanie Thompson, Chemoxy’s challenge ambassador: 

“Love to Ride offers an easy mechanism to encourage staff to be more active and the challenge aspect, with lots of opportunities to win prizes, is a great way to motivate people to sign up and continue cycling.”

Collectively, teams from businesses across Tees Valley have cycled more than one million miles to date, equal to more than 40 times around the world.


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