October is International Walk to School Month

This month give some thought to time and stress and walking to school.


Our friends over at Living Streets started this month of awareness for walking to school and we hope that families, parents, carers and children along with schools all clearly see that walking (or cycling or scooting) to school is of great future benefit to our children, our way of northern living and our towns and cities. 

While it seems clearly common sense and self-evident to walk to school; we also know it's not always the first choice to walk when daily schedules, workloads and other day-to-day stresses make it seem like taking the car to drop the kids to school is the best way to go.  Or, the kids screaming they 'don't want to walk to school!'   No, we get it, we truly understand, people don't always have the luxury of this choice.  Their livelihood, like that of their children, depends on them getting to work on time.

We don't want you to change anything you do; we simply want you to consider if you could work in some time to walk your child(ren) to school why wouldn't you? 

Here's the truth/thing....

We witness lots of stressed people looking to find parking during the morning drop off, cars cutting each other off, cars blocking school entrances all the while school children are trying to get across roads safely that are heavily congested.   Frankly it's chaotic and looks dangerous on even the calmest day!  In contrast, consider the people walking their kids to school - don't they seem more relaxed, mindful, calm and chatty.  The kids are running and jumping and getting their daily needed exercise.  The parents' cheeks glowing and the kids happy.   So, again we ask why o why not walk?  

With a growing number of alarming statistics, such as the rise of young people in the UK dying from asthma, childhood obesity and growing concern regarding air quality.

It makes us wonder what does it take to convince you that if you do have time it's easily such a simple change you can make for yourself, your children and your wider community?   If you've not tried it in a while why not figure out if you can do it.   Even a few days a week might make a big difference.  Personally, in our office we walk, we cycle onward to work and we take the train.  It did not start out that way it's been a process to work out how best to juggle all the little things to make it happen but if asked we all agree that we have become less stressed and all-around happier now that we have found the time to walk our kids to school.  

So whilst this is very much an opinion piece we just wanted to take a minute or two to ask you to consider walking to school to make a difference this month!  We'd like to see a calmer, more peaceful you living in a calmer, more peaceful Tees Valley.  Just give it some thought!

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