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Take a leap into a new journey in 2017

We will be sending out encouragement, incentives, and chances to win prizes throughout 2017 to everyone to walk, cycle and use public transport more in 2017.

Simply sign up and consider opportunities when you could walk, cycle or use the bus or train instead of taking the car. 


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Join the Revolution!

Joining our revolution will reward you in savings on petrol, a healthier lifestyle and the chance to win some cool prizes, simply by changing the way you journey this year.


More information on walking, cycling and public transport in your region of the Tees Valley can be found here:


More information on a specific mode of travel can be found here - these links take you to Tees Valley information on our partner site, Connect Tees Valley [external links]:




Congratulations on deciding to take part in the New Year Revolution! Making changes to the way we travel can make a big difference to our health, our communities and our environment and it starts right here, right now.


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