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Independent Travel Training in Darlington

Travelling by bus

What is Independent Travel Training?

Independent Travel Training is a service that can offer a young person training and support if they want to learn how to travel independently between home and school or college.


Who is the training for?

The training is for young people living in Darlington who have a disability and/or learning difficulty and who attend school or college.


Why take part in Independent Travel Training?

It will help a young person to learn the skills needed to make the journey between home and school or college independently, either on foot or by bus or train.


What is to gain from the training?

The aim of the training is to allow a young person to travel independently when they are ready and their skills have improved. So they will be encouraged to travel on buses and trains as soon as they are ready to do so.


Training can help a young person gain:

  • confidence using buses
  • road safety skills
  • increased confidence while out and about
  • skills to travel to school or college, such as the ability to plan and learn a route
  • travel skills that will help them to access social and leisure opportunities
  • the ability to handle money and tips on who to ask for help.


Where will the training take place?

Our Independent Travel Trainer will visit the young person’s home to do an initial assessment with their parent or carer present. Training will then take place out and about to build practical skills in a real life setting.


How long does the training take?

All training is personalised to meet their needs. A record of their progress will be kept.

During the training, a young person may be supported by a travel buddy, who will stay with them while they practice their journeys from home to school or college.

We will keep their parent or carer informed of their progress at all times. We can arrange to meet with them at home to discuss further if needed.


Will training have an effect on current transport arrangements?

During the training, their transport arrangements will stay the same to begin with and bus/train tickets will be provided by the Travel Trainer free of charge.


What happens when the training is completed?

Once a young person feels confident that they are able to make the journey between home and school or college independently, they will be expected to make future journeys on their own.

They may also be eligible for a pass that will enable them to travel on buses and trains without having to pay a fare, or reimbursement of bus/train fares.


More information:

For more information about Independent Travel Training (ITT) in Darlington or to speak to our ITT co-ordinator, contact:

Phone: 01325 405671


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