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Why be a Shining Example?

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If you can’t be seen you are putting yourself and others at risk

Road safety at night starts with being seen. Cycle lights are a vital tool in making sure that you are safe when cycling in the dark. They are also a legal requirement. So don’t forget to turn them on!

Cycling at night, what does the law say?

According to research, the most dangerous hours for cyclists are 7 to 9 am and 3 to 7 pm on weekdays, times associated with poor light conditions during the colder months.

In the UK cyclists on public roads must use lights and reflectors between the hours of sunset and sunrise – even if it is still light.

If you are riding without lights during these times you are breaking the law and putting yourself and other road users in danger.

There are specific legal requirements in terms of lights and reflectors:

  • A white front light
  • A rear red light
  • A red rear reflector

Amber pedal reflectors – on the front and rear of each pedal (if you have cleats and can't do this then your bike is not legal at night)

More detailed guidance on cycle lighting regulation.

Speak to the team at your local Tees Valley hub for help and support:

Night cycling gear:

High visibility cycle clothing and accessories are an integral part of being seen at night, when you are four times more likely to be knocked off your bike.

When you are considering what to wear it’s worth noting that we see things differently depending on the levels of light available. Being lit up is important, but colour also has an impact on whether you can be easily seen by drivers and other road users.

Adding a bit of colour in terms of what you are wearing can ensure that you stand out against the background and street scene:

  • Fluorescent clothing is particularly good in UV light
  • Reflective clothing works well under street lights and in headlights

Wearing a combination of these means that you will be more visible on your commute, whatever the light conditions. This is particularly important in grey weather or dim light.

Gloves, helmet and shoes as well as your bag and panniers are opportunities to add more colour and reflectors.

We've made our pick of some great bike lights and cycling gear.

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