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Be aware


Be aware

advice for bus users

Be aware of changes to bus services

Bus users did you know you can follow your bus service on facebook or twitter to keep you up to date with changes to services through the winter weather. 

measuring for a child's helmet

Be aware of your growing child

Do you know if your child's bike or scooter helmet fits? With Christmas on the way here's a short video to check their size before you buy. 

all road users

Be aware of road users who require extra care

When using the road, be aware of all other road users, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. We’re all just human beings trying to get around. You can even update your knowledge of this very important part of the highway code here. 

Do you know if your bus is on its way? 

Download the Arriva App and Stagecoach App to track your bus and plan your route. 

Be aware of distractions - concentrate on your journey and not your phone! 

Whether you are walking or driving its important to concentrate on the task in hand rather than your phone or music player. 

In March 2017, the penalties for holding and using your phone while driving increased. It’s now 6 points and £200. Find out more from Think! the national road safety campaign.

IAM RoadSafety have a great Blog outlining some key distractions for drivers. Itss well worth taking a look to see if there are some which you do without even noticing. 


Be aware of each other - road safety tips for cyclists

Cyclists and drivers be aware of each other especially when approaching junctions.



For your chance to win some amazing bike lights and cycling gear to make other road users aware of you, check out the Shining Example prize draw. Just watch the video for your chance to enter!


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