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Do you have a snow buggy?

Taking your child out in the snow can seem like a daunting task if they are not old enough to enjoy the crunch of snow beneath their tootsies. If you do still want to stay mobile with your child in a buggy there are ways to make your journey safer and even fun!

  • Some buggies can be fitted with snow wheels, these usually have a deeper tread and stay in a fixed position so its easier to push.

  • And if the snow really hits you could always go for a buggy with skis – now who doesn’t wish they had one of those?

    buggy on skis
  • It's also a good idea to in invest in a weatherproof cosytoes, this will keep your little one snug while you’re fighting with the elements!

  • And to keep your digits functioning it’s wise to invest in a warm pair of gloves, there’s nothing worse than trying to push a buggy when you have no feeling in your fingertips.

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