Be seen, morning and night


Be seen morning and night


Now the clocks have gone back its important to make sure you and your family stay safe during the darker mornings and nights. Below you'll find some great tips and ideas to make staying safe in the dark even more fun and you can even learn about the science behind high viz!  

Stay Bright

Stay Bright

Find out about the European Stay Bright campaign which is being backed by IAM RoadSmart in the UK. 

Click through to the Stay Bright website [external] to find a great film which you can watch with your kids and make you savvier in the dark whether you walk, cycle or drive. 


Brighten up

Click through for some ideas of bright and reflective clothing for you and your family.


cycling in the dark

Cycling in the dark

Now the clocks have gone back you may be cycling home from work or school in the dark. Make sure you're prepared by checking out these top tips from Sustrans. [external


How to look cool in High Vis

You may think that high vis is just for workmen or safety obsessed geeks, well guess again, its actually becoming fashionable. So jump onto the High Vis bike and check out these 5 cycling pieces you won't be embarrassed to wear. [external]


You can see us but can we see you?

Cyclists - use your lights so that drivers and pedestrians around you can see you too. [external]



Light up your life!

Don't forget to check your bike and scooter lights, and give your walk the wow factor with an LED arm band! There are loads of options to choose from online, as well as other items such as buggy lights and helmet lights.


Here's the science part.

Have you ever wondered how High Vis works? [external]





Its Craft time! 

Knit your own reflective scarf! [external]


Check back for more tips!


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