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Cycle training in Darlington Schools (Year 5/6/7)

What to Expect from Level 1, 2 and 3 Bikeability training in schools

This page will outline what you need to do and know before your child takes cycle training in any Darlington school.  The programme is offered in conjunction with your child's school so please also check with the school regarding bringing bicycles to school and cycle parking at school.

In order to participate your child must complete a consent form for each level of Bikeability training.

Year 5/6: Level 1

The focus is on fun and the 2-hour lesson is delivered in an off-road, traffic-free setting, typically the school playground.    It will include carrying out a simple cycle safety check, basic cycle control skills and using brakes and gears and used to assess each child’s cycle control skills.

Training at all levels is outcome-based and should your child not meet all the outcomes at level 1 they will not be able to proceed to level 2.

Both Level 1 & 2 are taught together in succession.  Thus, your child will complete Level 1&2 training in either Year 5 or Year 6 depending on the school they attend.

Year 5/6: Level 2

This follows on from Level 1 and usually consists of 4 consecutive weekly lessons comprising of 1 ½ hour each.  The focus is on making short journeys on quieter roads with the emphasis on signalling, observation and riding through junctions.  It will include starting and finishing an on-road journey, understanding how and when to signal, road position and observational skills. 

All riders will receive a certificate, badge and booklet at the end of training for the final level they have participated in. Individual advice will be on the reverse of the personalised certificate giving more information on the capabilities of the rider.

Your child will complete Level 1&2 training in succession in either Year 5 or Year 6 depending on the school they attend.

Year 7: Level 3

Your child will have the opportunity to continue their Bikeability training in Year 7 at secondary school. An instructor will assess your child’s level of cycling and decide on the appropriate level of training required and if they are ready for level 3 training. All riders will receive a personalised certificate, badge and booklet giving further advice on the rider's capabilities.

Before Training

It is very important that your child comes prepared to school for the training. Every student attending should have:

  • Waterproof and warm clothing or cool clothing for warm weather. If it is going to be cold, and possibly wet, ensure your child has gloves, thick socks, sensible jackets, etc. The training will go ahead even inclement weather. High visibility vests will be provided for all students.
  • Your child must have a roadworthy bicycle.  Please do check your bike over as per the instructions below.  Here is a .pdf version to print for having at hand whilst checking bike over.

Level 1/2 Bikeability Darlington

Consent Form

Level 3 Bikeability Darlington

Consent Form

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE [external link] CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE [external link]
NEW Level 3 Bikeability Parental Consent form (Darlington Schools)

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