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Bus stories

Taking the bus to work, school or shopping can be greener and cheaper than going by car. Especially if you also factor in the cost of parking. 

If you are thinking about the pros and cons of taking the bus versus driving yourself, or taking the bus for the first time we have put together some inspiring stories for you.

There has been £74 million of investment in the Tees Valley bus network since 2011. With 90% of bus users satisfied, free WiFi and charging on some services and the option to move freely across the Tees Valley there has never been a better time to switch to the bus than today!

You can save money with an Employers Travel Club, to spread the cost of your ticket to work or prepay for your travel using a Smart Card or with mobile tickets (to use when you’re ready) via your bus company app. You can find out more in the bus section of our website.

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