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Bus friends Anne-Marie and Georgina

When we ran a campaign to collect people's happy commuting stories, this particular tale really caught our eye...

Anne-Marie from Middlesbrough

I work in Stockton and get the bus from the high street to Middlesbrough on most days. I had been making this journey for a few months when I one afternoon after work, I noticed a girl at the bus stop who looked a similar age to me. We shared a joke over something that was happening in the high street and I didn't think much of it.

The next day I saw her at the bus station again and we said hi and started chatting. Then whenever we were on the same bus we would sit together and I also became friends with her workmate who often got the same bus.

Now we go out for tea and for nights out and everyone knows about my lovely 'bus friends' and we've even talked about going on holiday later in the year! So glad I decided to get the bus and not drive!

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