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Karen finds bus travel a win-win in the Commuter Challenge

When Karen signed up to take part in a 5 day Commuter Challenge to travel greener to work in Hartlepool she didn’t expect to finish the week £100 better off. Just for taking the bus.

Taking the bus is easy

“I found the challenge easy because public transport is easy to use.” says Karen who uses a combination of car-sharing and bus travel to get her to and from work.

“It’s easy for me to get a bus, the bus stop is not far from my house and runs every 10 minutes.”

Walking one stop

Karen who lives more than 3 miles from work says that walking is simply not an option for her, “I’d have to wake up very early to do that,” she laughs, “I get exercise walking to and from the bus stop and get off a stop early if the weather is good.”

Saving money with a weekly ticket

“I get a weekly bus pass, it saves money. People need to use the bus service or lose it.” says Karen.

She plans to download the Stagecoach app onto her phone and buys a weekly Hartlepool megarider ticket [external link].

What do you enjoy most about taking the bus?

When asked what she enjoys most about taking the bus Karen says, “I can relax on the way to work – don’t have to think about getting stuck in a traffic jam or finding a parking space and having change for the meter. Getting a bus is better for the environment there is less pollution and one less car on the road.”

How can my workplace get involved and reduce car journeys?

The aim of the Commuter Challenge, which runs in rotation across the Tees Valley, is to reduce the number of single occupancy car journeys being done in the region. Walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing are all offered as alternatives to coming to work alone in a car.

Find out more about our work with businesses including the Commuter Challenge.

If, like Karen, you'd like to try the bus you can find out which buses you need on the Connect Tees Valley journey planner. Find and download the app for your bus company.

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