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Lisa is saving with her Employer Travel Club

Lisa with her Arriva Employer Travel Club Card

“I have never needed a car, the transport links are so good.” says Lisa, who commutes from Darlington to James Cook Hospital each day.

“It saves me a lot.” We agree, the average family car is used for only 5% of the time, despite being a large investment.

“During the week I take the bus.” says Lisa, who goes on to explain that she gets a discount for bus travel through the Employer Arriva Travel Club.

“I’m saving over £30 a month. My ticket is valid on the weekends too and all three of my grandchildren can travel free with me.”

Lisa also uses the train at the weekend, taking her grandchildren for days out to Redcar and Saltburn, “It gives their mum and dad a break.”

Speak to your employer about the any arrangements they have in place for saving staff money on bus travel, like the Arriva Employer Travel Club.

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