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Gill finds bus travel conventient and cheaper than driving

Gill at the bus stop

“When people say ‘I can’t get anywhere without my car’ I think: just jump on the bus!” says Gill from Stockton.

Gill works part-time in the centre of Stockton and has always used the buses to get about, not only to work but to shop and go out.

It’s so easy and convenient she tells us and explains that on the bus you have lots of time to yourself, to read or just to think.

We discussed the fact that for most people a car is sitting unused for most of the day and there are lots of costs associated with owning and running a car. Gill feels that taking the bus is a much cheaper option for her.

Find out more about travelling by bus, speak to your employer to find out whether they are part of schemes like the Arriva Employer Travel Club or plan your route using the Connect Tees Valley journey planner via our website.

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