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Back to work with the bus for Hartlepool jobseeker

Michael Crowther from Hartlepool was unemployed for several months and found it difficult to get back into work due to cost of travel and not knowing what his travel options were. The Local Motion Travel Advisors stepped into help...

Man with bus pass

Picture of bus user with bus pass

Tell us about yourself. Had you been unemployed for long?

I had been unemployed for about 12 months after loosing my job and moving to Hartlepool.

Why did you contact us and how did you hear about us?

I contacted you through the job centre were they had a contact number for your team. I had already talked to a Travel Advisor when they visited my address and talked about my travel options and offered me various travel information. 

I needed help with completing a travel plan and help with bus fares, as I was starting a new job the following Monday and I was a bit unsure about the bus routes/times to Stockton. It's hard to find the money for the initial cost for travel in the first month in a new job.

Where did you find employment and how do you travel there?

I found employment with DWP in Stockton. I get the bus as the trains service from Hartlepool is poor, on a few occasions I have tried to use the train the only did not have the capacity for the people who wanted to use train, therefore I had to wait for the next train or get a bus. It takes me about 50 mins to get to Stockton depending on which bus I get. I received a Pop Card from the Travel Advisors with credit on it to help me get on my way, which was really helpful.

Would you recommend Local Motion/Travel Advisors to other jobseekers?

Yes I would. Without your help I may have not been able to start my new job as in the past I had to turn down another job opportunity due to the cost of travel before my first payday.

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