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Emma and Kerry's car sharing story

Working together and commuting together, Emma and Kerry share how it works for them.

Find out more about car sharing.

Emma and Kerry with Car

Emma and Kerry with Car


Tell us why you started car sharing and how it works for you?

Emma: I live in Skelton and Kerry lives in New Marske and we both work in Middlesbrough.  We noticed that we were following each other into work and even getting stuck in the same traffic jams so we thought we’d give it a go.  We take it in turns so no-one is getting more wear and tear on their car than the other person.

Kerry: I’m amazed at how much money we’ve saved as well, on petrol and parking, it’s been brilliant!

Emma: And normally I’m a really independent person and I like to get where I want when I want, so I was a bit nervous at first but there’s never been any problem.

Kerry: We work it round our business meetings so if I’m going to lots of meetings we take my car and if Emma’s going out during the day, we go to work in her car.


Emma and Kerry in a Car

Emma and Kerry in a Car

What’s the best thing about car sharing and what would you say to anyone else thinking about trying it?

Kerry: The gossip and chatting! We get to talk about our lives and other things that are happening, because when you get to work, all you talk about is work.

Emma: I’d say just give it a go! Trial it for a few weeks and see how much money you can save. We love it!

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