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Car sharing has helped build a friendship

Angela took part in the 5-day Commuter Challenge in Stockton and was more than happy with the outcome.

Stockton commuter challenge

Angela has been car sharing with a colleague for the past 9 years. Their car sharing journeys started during a period of bad weather, they both trekked across town to get to work to start with then realised they could save themselves effort, money and worry by sharing the journey between them.

The more the merrier!

For a while 2 became 3 when another friend joined them, and they could sometimes enjoy driving just one day in a week.

Make car sharing work for you

Angela will be reducing her hours soon but the car sharing team have ensured this won’t affect their partnership as her colleague will make use of the spare evening to take up sport.

Angela enjoys the comfort of car sharing but is conscious to still make the effort to walk part of the journey by walking home from her friend’s house some days when the weather allows.

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