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Local business reaps car share rewards


EE in Darlington has implemented a successful car sharing scheme. A keen promoter of being environmentally-friendly and reducing single-occupancy car journeys at its site in Darlington, the company implemented a successful car sharing scheme in September 2018. With 176 employees registered for the scheme, EE has managed to significantly reduce its car parking pressures.

Speaking on behalf of the business Angela Howey, head of contact centre operations said: “As a growing business with upwards of 2,000 staff needing to access the site on a daily basis we were experiencing huge pressure on our limited car parking spaces. The increased demand issues meant that we had started to rent additional spaces from a neighbouring site and we were keen to reduce the number of vehicles being used to access our site on the edge of Darlington town centre.

“Since launching the scheme last year we have seen significant cost savings for the business through a reduction in the number of car parking spaces we need. Car parking demand management has become easier and there is less site congestion. We’re a big employer in the town and this is helping us to demonstrate how much we care by reducing the environmental, congestion and health impact of cars travelling to and from our site.”

Since the scheme started EE has managed to reduce the number of spaces they rent by 70. And in the first six months of the scheme over 6,500 miles have been saved on the daily commute by employees sharing their journey.

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