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Leaving the car at home adds up for Dawn

Dawn walking in Redcar

Working in Finance Dawn is no stranger to calculating profits and loss. That’s why, when the opportunity to change her commuting habits as part of the Redcar Commuter Challenge appeared, Dawn was quick to ditch the car in favour of the most cost effective way to travel: walking, which she combines with car sharing.

“We live in a really beautiful area.” says Dawn, who really enjoyed our 5-day challenge to Redcar commuters in spring 2018 to change the way they travelled to work.

Dawn has also decided to take advantage of the summer weather to continue walking to work beyond the challenge.

“I work in finance, so I can see by the numbers just how much cheaper it is.” she says.

And it’s not just walking to work, the rest of Dawn’s family have started to look at saving money by car sharing.

“Where we used to take two cars, now we just take one and combine our journeys.”

Saving £350 a year

Did you know, leaving the car at home for a short commute or school run can leave you more than £350 better off a year?

We run the commuter challenge with employers across the Tees Valley, challenging their staff to travel to work greener, healthier and cheaper than alone in a car. To register your interest to get your work involved for the next time we are in your area you can contact Alex Kay in our office.

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