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Suzanne's 10 / 10 for car sharing

Suzanne car shares to get to work, “I live around 10 miles away.” she tells us, “Taking the bus has never really been an option because of where we live. I did it once but it just took too long with the changes I need to make.”

Suzanne has been car-sharing for 10 years

But car sharing works well, so well in fact that she has been doing it for more than 10-years!

Making savings on travel

Car sharing may not seem like an obvious choice but it is a great way to get to work on time and save money by sharing fuel and running costs.

With around 86% of trips by car being single occupancy, car-sharing is a really viable way to reduce the number of cars on our roads in the Tees Valley, reducing congestion and emissions. For employers it means fewer cars on site and less pressure on parking.

Could you car-share like Suzanne?

If, like Suzanne you’d like to travel greener and cheaper but can’t take public transport, why not speak to your colleagues and see if you can car share?

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