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Visualsoft encourages staff to think about their journey to work

Visualsoft commuter challenge winners

In August 2018 Let’s Go Tees Valley, encouraged people to leave the car behind them in a week long Commuter Challenge for work places in Stockton. As part of this we worked with Visualsoft encouraging their employees to travel more sustainably by either walking, cycling, getting the bus or train or car sharing.  As part of the Challenge we offer incentives and prize draws.


Earlier this week we met up with some of the winners to find out how they won the challenge and to see if it’s made any difference to the way they travel to work. 


Gemma and Karen car shared with another member of the team who comes from Richmond. He picked up Gemma and Karen three times through the challenge week and since the challenge they have continued to share regularly.


Martin also car shared. He usually drives from Portrack to Stockton, but through the challenge he got a lift from his partner and walked part of the way. Moving forward he is going to continue walking to work in the good weather. 

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