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We're saving loads of money

Martin Robinson car-sharing

Car sharing is paying off for Martin's family

We met Martin Robinson outside Middlesbrough Town Hall on a blustery afternoon in July. Martin has been car-sharing to get to and from work since 2009 and had recently won a voucher as part of the 2018 Middlesbrough Commuter Challenge.

Every day he travels from his home in Redcar to Middlesbrough with his wife. They drop their children off in the morning and then drive to work together.

"We're saving loads of money." says Martin. Martin explained that he would have to use his vehicle during the day anyway, due to the nature of his job. "This way we are making the best use of the vehicle."

Find a car share partner

Martin admits he is lucky that his wife also works in the town, enabling them to make the daily journey together. If you need to travel by car and would like to find a car share partner so that you can save money on your commute you can ask your employer if they run a car-share scheme. If not take a look at the Lift Share website to find a car-share buddy.

Get involved in the Commuter Challenge

We run our Commuter Challenge across Tees Valley ona rolling basis, improving employee wellbeing and reducing pressure on car-parking If your business would like to get involved you can contact Alex Kay at Let's Go Tees Valley.

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