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Bike to work for Andrew

Andrew and the team from Middlesbrough Cycle Centre

26-year old Andrew moved from Plymouth to Middlesbrough and has been on the hunt for a new job. He was delighted to secure a job at a local factory, but wasn't sure how to get there for his early morning start time.

His Job Coach at Middlesbrough JobCentre put him in touch with the Let’s Go Tees Valley travel advisors for ideas and advice on the best way for him to travel the 3 miles to and from work each day. Andrew has hypermobility which makes walking longer distances difficult.

After a chat about his options the travel advisors put Andrew in touch with our partners at Middlesbrough Cycle Centre. They were able to secure him a bicycle to use which suits his needs perfectly.

"The bike helps me travel further and quicker without much effort and also in keeping fit."

Cycling is a low cost travel option and with over 707 km of dedicated cycle routes in Tees Valley there are plenty of routes to choose from. Andrew says that for people looking for a job, cycling could be the perfect option and would recommend speaking to one of our travel advisors about the best routes into work.

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