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Cycling is free and keeps you fit

Steven Turner with his bike

Steven is not a fair weather cyclist!

Steven Turner cycles the 5 miles to and from work in Middlesbrough every day, come rain or shine.

"Cycling is free and it keeps you fit." says Steven who cycles all year round. The only time he drives is when it's snowing and dangerous due to the weather.

"It takes me around 20 minutes to get to and from work. Depending on how tired you feel, or if the day is nce you can do a nice longer loop home." he says.

Steven showed us photos of his son who is a professional cyclist in the Junior Nationals earlier this year. "My dad was a cyclist and I have been riding a bike to get around since I was 13." He has clearly passed this love of cycling on to his son too!

As to the best part about cycling Steven says this is the fresh air and views you get when you are on a bike.

Do you love to ride?

If, like Steven, you enjoy cycling to work why not join us as a member of Love to Ride Tees Valley. It's free to join and you can win great prizes all year round for using your bike and encouraging others to fo the same.



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