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New found freedom for cyclist John

John Taylor, a 59 year old council worker who needs a hip replacement, has found a new lease of life since getting on a bike for the first time in 35 years - despite not being able to walk more than a few yards without pain. Here's his story...

John Taylor leaves for work on his bike

John Taylor leaves for work on his bike

What was your situation before you started cycling?

I hadn’t been on a bike for 35 years, and due to a hip problem I can’t walk more than 20 yards without a lot of pain so I hadn’t given it a thought for years. I would drive to work and I rarely got out in the fresh air.

What made you give cycling a go?

The physiotherapist suggested that I try an exercise bike as part of my physiotherapy I was surprised that it didn’t cause any pain. I thought if it doesn’t hurt on an exercise bike, it won’t hurt on a real bike so why not give it a go. I went straight out and bought a bike and I haven’t looked back. The first time I got on it, I rode twice around the cemetery and two weeks later I was riding 20-odd miles.  Not bad for someone needing a hip replacement!

How has cycling affected your health and wellbeing?

It’s made a massive difference to my life.  Now, I can get out again in the fresh air I always have a camera with me. Not only has cycling got me mobile again I have lost 22 pounds in weight and I sleep much better too. That has to be good for my health.

Do you cycle for work or pleasure?

It’s both, really. I love commuting by bike, it only takes 15 or 20 minutes and I arrive refreshed and ready to do a day’s work. The weather doesn’t bother me, I have waterproofs and warm clothes, and I’d rather be on a bike than in a car.

I don’t cycle with a group as I really value my alone time, but if you meet anyone else out on the road, you’re friends immediately.

What would you say to anyone else thinking about giving cycling a go?

Anyone can do it. I can barely walk, but when I’m on a bike I can go for miles! You will also save money, feel better in yourself and it's better for to the environment.


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