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Tumo has bike riding in her sights after recovering from cataracts

In October 2019, Tumo Kelsang decided it was time to get back in the saddle after two decades of not cycling after a serious accident and years of blindness.

Tumo and David in a cycling session

We caught up with 58-year-old Tumo after her second cycling lesson with Dave, from Darlington-based cycle hub, Bike Stop.

Here's Tumo's story...

Tumo, what made you decide to re-learn to ride, after 18 years away from cycling?

I had been quite inactive for several years. Sadly, 18 years ago I was involved in a serious cycling accident, which shook my confidence. Then I was completely blind for five years due to cataracts. I had three operations on my eyes to restore my sight and the last operation was two years ago.

I decided to become more healthy and get more in shape. I tried all sorts of things to help lose weight, such as walking and Thai Chi. A friend of mine told me about Bike Stop in Darlington, who help adults learn to ride, and I thought, why not! As soon as I thought "I'm going to do this", I felt so excited!

What happened next?

I got in touch with Rob at Bike Stop and arranged to have my first lesson with David. We met in South Park and he got me cycling for the first time in years! This week, my second lesson, we've been working on the gears and brakes, and how to stop safely. 

Tumo and David Cycling

I feel so much more confident already. Even after the first lesson, I already had more energy and felt happier inside. I think next week will be my last session with David before I feel ready to go out on my own, but we'll see.

David has been so calm and patient with me, even when I fell off in my first lesson!

What would you say to anyone else who was thinking of trying cycling?

Go for it! Just try it! I'd definitely recommend going Bike Stop to get you started. I just want to say thank you to David for helping me get back in the saddle!

Want to try for yourself?

To find your local cycle hub to start your cycling journey, visit our hub pages!

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