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Walking works for James Cook hospital staff

When Local Motion set up a walking challenge at James Cook hospital, the team at Main Outpatients were keen to make the challenge work for them. Here's Jackie's story...

 Staff at the out patients department at James Cook hospital

"One of our Staff nurses saw the Local Motion stand at James Cook advertising a free pedometer for the walking challenge. I decided to sign up our entire team of staff in Main Outpatients! I wasn't sure how many people would be keen to participate but thought it was a very good idea for a team challenge. I knew I would enjoy it as I am active and enjoy a challenge but was surprised at how difficult it was on some days.

"Personally I have made a conscious effort to become more active since completing the challenge. As a group a lot of the team enjoyed taking part and several people bought their own fitness trackers, including myself. 

"Some team members didn't join in at all, some made some effort and several people from each team completed the full 4 weeks. 

"Having completed the challenge, I am now more aware of my fitness and feel better when I use my fitness tracker to try and complete at least 10,000 steps every day. Myself and some other team members are also going to take part in the Teesside Hospice Midnight Walk in June."

Well done Jackie and the team!

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