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Walking for weight-loss, why Jeanette is all smiles

Three years ago Jeanette had to stop cycling after a back and knee injury left her unable to exercise. Pain and treatment meant that this Strava ‘Queen of the Mountain’ was confined to the couch, and the pounds crept on as a result.

12lbs in two weeks

When we caught up with Jeanette she had lost an amazing 12 pounds in two weeks and was planning to go shopping for walking boots for a weekend of hiking in the Lake District.

What changed? Walking to work.

“It has not just been my journey to and from work that has changed.” she explained, “I’ve incorporated walking into every day. So instead of popping across the road to the shop I walk the long way around. It has made a big difference.”

Walking for 20 minutes, the equivalent of one mile, burns around 100 calories. Using walking to travel every day means that Jeanette is really reaping these rewards.

And she hasn’t given up hope of getting back on her bikes. With two bikes purchased through the Cycle to Work scheme Jeanette is determined to keep improving her fitness and get back to cycling.

Working with young people with learning disabilities Jeanette knows the importance of car-free travel alternatives. “Our project has reduced reliance by local young people on council transport like taxis and mini buses from 74% to 12.8%.” she told us, “This means employment independence and fun with friends - the ordinary things we take for granted are more easily within their reach. It is something we are immensely proud of.”

Cycle to Work Schemes allow employees to buy bikes, clothing, and equipment tax-free, as a salary-sacrifice scheme. Employers of all sizes are eligible. Speak to your work to find out if they are taking part.

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