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Junior Road Safety Officer Resources

Thank you for your interest in the Junior Road Safety Officer programme for your primary school. 

All of these resource materials are courtesy of Road Safety Northeast and we license these products for use in schools.  


The whole JRSO Package in one file

For all the resources in a zipped file please click here

JRSO Pupil Handbook

The Junior Road Safety Pupil Handbook

This handbook is for your JRSO pupils to help promote road safety at your school.

JRSO Job Advert

The Job Advert Poster 

This can be displayed on your notice board and around the school to advertise the JRSO job. It is a good idea to do this near to the end of the summer term.

Teacher Handbook 

A handbook for the adult who oversees your activities.

JRSO Application Form

Job Application Form

Can be used to recruit a JRSO, pupils could complete an application form to apply for the post of JRSO.



JRSO Identity Poster Thumbnail

An Identity Poster

Insert the names and a picture or a photograph of each JRSO then put the completed poster on your JRSO notice board so that everyone knows who you are.

JRSO Registration Form Thumbnail

JRSO Registration Form - to be completed at your introductory meeting with your Road Safety Officer. The information is kept in our records so we know the names of the JRSO’s for each school.

JRSO Letterhead thumbnail

JRSO Letterhead - for you to use if you need to write letters or if you need to put information on your notice board.

JRSO Annual Timetable Thumbnail

Annual Timetable

To be completed with an adult helper to help JRSOs plan activities.

JRSO Merit Award Certificate

Merit Award Certificate

Award certificate to those pupils that enter competitions to help the JRSO programme succeed at your school.

JRSO PPP thumbnail

JRSO Introductory PowerPoint Presentation

A presentation for JROS officers to deliver to a school assembly to tell everyone who they are and what their role is.

JRSO blank PowerPoint Presentation

Blank PowerPoint slides for JRSO officers to make their own presentation.

JRSO Label thumbnail

Label for the Collection Box

This label can be cut out and glued to a box to make a collection point for competition entries.

Activity Record Sheet

Keep a track of your activities to complete and return to the Road Safety Team.

JRSO Contact Sheet Thumbnail

Contacts Page

A page that details the adult helpers and the assigned Road Safety Officer.

JRSO Activity Booklet Thumbnail

Activity Booklet

A booklet packed full of fun JRSO activities to use in your school.

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