Let's go by bus/train this winter!

Bus and train advice

Plan Ahead!

Plan ahead by downloading apps and checking the weather the night before to find out if there are any travel alerts or service disruptions.  

Check the route to get to the bus stop and train station for road conditions and travel alerts.

Quite a few buses have real-time technology that can let you know at what time the bus will arrive or if it is delayed see if you can find out if your bus route offers this service.

Below is a list of social media and smartphone apps that can help you plan your journey by bus in Tees Valley.

Bundle Up!

Bundle Up!  While this may seem like common sense, there are several adjustments you can make to have a more comfortable wait. 

Dress for the weather and carry an umbrella.  Hat, gloves and good shoes can make your wait a pleasant time to reflect on the day.  Consider touchscreen gloves to text while you wait!

Move around at the bus stop -- a good way to get extra movement in during the day.  How about walking to the next bus stop if time permits?

Drink something warm while waiting (reusable cups are great to keep in your bag).

Be Safe, Be Seen!

With the darker nights, think about brighter and/or more reflective clothing. 

Do you have an umbrella?  Think about carrying one that's reflective.

Use technology - not just to check real-time, but these days there are body warmers and warm water bottles that can keep in your hands to stay warmer.  There are lots of great insulating fabrics as well.

A lot of smartphones have a flashlight built-in - use it if its dark to light your way.







Here are the pages that will give you the most up to date information for bus operators in Tees Valley.   This allows you to check for service updates and also check where your bus is to minimize waiting at the bus stop.



Facebook @arrivanortheast 

Twitter @arrivanortheast

Download the Arriva app to see where the bus is in real-time and to plan you journey https://www.arrivabus.co.uk/app/

Arriva North East service updates:  https://www.arrivabus.co.uk/north-east/updates/


Stagecoach North East

Facebook: @StagecoachBus

Twitter: @StagecoachNE

Download the Stagecoach app for journey planning, live updates and mobile bus tickets. https://www.stagecoachbus.com/app

Stagecoach North East service updates: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/service-updates


Go North East

Facebook @simplyGNE

Twitter @gonortheast

Download the Go North East bus app to buy tickets and see where your bus is in real-time.  https://www.gonortheast.co.uk/gneapp/

Go North East travel alerts http://newsroom.gonortheast.co.uk/latest_news/tag/disruptions


Keep up to date with any service alterations or delays during bad weather by following your bus/train operator on facebook or twitter or by downloading their app.


Northern Rail

Northern Rail service updates (with real-time travel updates)https://www.journeycheck.com/northernrail/

Download the Northern Rail app for real-time travel updates:  https://www.northernrailway.co.uk/travel/free-mobile-app


LNER travel alerts & updates: https://www.lner.co.uk/travel-information/travelling-now/travel-alerts/

The LNER app is available for purchasing tickets: https://www.lner.co.uk/tickets-savings/your-ticket/mobile-train-tickets/

Grand Central

Grand Central train information: www.grandcentralrail.com

Download the Grand Central app and buy tickets at cheapest prices: www.grandcentralrail.com/app

Transpennine Express

Transpennine Express tickets and information: www.tpexpress.co.uk

Tees Valley Rail Network

Click the map below to download!

Tees Valley train map


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