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Let's go to school

Let's Be Active. Walk, Cycle or Scoot to school

Getting students back to school after 8 March 2021 is a priority.  Seats on public transport remain limited due to social distancing which may become challenging for parents, students, and staff who rely on public transport to get to school.  

To help get students back to school safely here is what we all can do.

Let's plan ahead and allow extra time.

Bus services may be busier.   Make sure to leave enough time and check the timetables to see that your bus/train is operating on schedule.  Check 'Travel safely on public transport' to find links to bus operators in the Tees Valley.   For the latest information regarding dedicated home to school transport in your local authority go here.

Let's be active.  Walk, cycle or scoot to school.

It will help those that need the bus/train the most. If we leave the car at home roads will be less busy for people to get to work and school.  If you do have to drive, consider parking a few streets away to keep the school streets safe and school gates congestion-free.  

Let’s consider not travelling during peak hours if travel is not to work or school.

There is less space on buses/trains due to social distancing guidelines.  Passengers, if they can, are being asked to avoid peak school travel times – before 9 am and between 3.30 pm and 5.30 pm and to travel during quieter times.  This leaves seats open for students and people getting work.  Or, if you see a younger person that you think might be going to school or college why not consider offering them your seat if you have time to take the next bus.

Let's all be kind on our way to school, college and work.  


To support getting back to school safely this year you can download images and share our messages on social media here.


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