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Let's be active. Walk, cycle or scoot to school

Let's keep those healthy habits going.  Let's be active and start as we mean to go on, walking, cycling and scooting to school.

Walking and cycling to school are the best ways to get back to school.   Not only because public transport capacity still remains limited due to social distancing; but also, because being active will keep us fit for life.   

If you are not too far from school/college why not see if you can walk it?  Most primary and secondary schools are within a 1-2 mile walk -- a good distance to keep us healthy. 

Here is a map that shows how far you are from your school [external link]. 

Give it a go because now more than ever being active on the school run is going to...

  • get and keep us healthy
  • help reduce traffic and delays around schools/colleges
  • keep the space on public transport available for those that need it most



Many more of us have spent time walking and cycling during the lockdown and have benefitted from fresh air, exercise, and exploring our local area. Perhaps you have discovered a new shorter route to school? The walk to school is a positive way to start the day for both parents and their children. In studies, walking has been linked to higher concentration and more focus both in school and at work.

With many of us still working from home, walking children to school is a great way to start the day.  It gets you up and going and when you return to your home, you're ready to get to work.  Let the school walk become your daily healthy commute.  If you have flexible working hours build-in the walk to school as part of your daily schedule.  

Even on days when you do have to drive, why not park 5 mins away and walk the rest.  It's safer, healthier and keeps you active.  

Let's cycle to school

If you are new to cycling and would like more information our cycling pages are a great way to get started.  

Remember to wear a helmet and lock your bike.

Our Tees Valley Cycle maps are located here to help you plan your journey.

If you lack the confidence to cycle to school consider signing up to ‘Bike Buddies’ where you will be matched with a cycling coach to give you some cycling advice and to help you find the safest and quickest way to cycle to your school/college in Tees Valley.

Many parents are also finding it works to walk their own bike to the school gate and then cycle on to work from there.  Depending on your location, cycling to school can be faster, far less expensive, and much more fun than driving.



Walk, cycle and scoot to school if you can!

Get tips and info on your travel choices...

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