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Social media images and messages to share

To help us spread the word on active travel and staying safe getting back to school this March, download all ten social media cards to use and share (.pdf)

Below are some pre-written messages for the first week of school; active travel, staying safe on public transport, and not travelling during peak times.

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Social media messages: Let's be active. Walk, cycle or scoot.


  • Walking and cycling to school is a great way to start the day! Many of us have walked and cycled more so let's start school on the right foot and start as we mean to go on!
  • Let's take a break from working at home and walk the children to school. Healthy habits matter more than ever.  


Social media messages: Let's avoid travelling at peak times

Let's avoid travelling at peak times if you're not going to work, school or college
Let's avoid travlelling at peak times if you're not going to work,school or college


  • Social distancing on public transport means fewer seats are available on buses/trains. If you are not going to work or school, why not go after the peak times (before 9 and from 2.30-4.30) to help others get to work and school.  
  • Let's consider walking or cycling instead of using public transport or driving. In the past months, we've walked and cycled more so keep going. It's healthy and it helps keep space for those that need it most.
  • Schools/Colleges are re-opening and public buses/trains and roads will be busier. If possible, try to delay your journey until after peak times to allow others the space to get to school and work.   


Social media messages: Let's stay safe on public transport

Let's all stay safe on public transport when travelling to school or college
Let's all stay safe on public transport when travelling to school or college
Let's all stay safe on public transport when travelling to school


  • Plan ahead and allow extra time.  Seats on the bus and trains are limited due to social distancing. If you can walk or cycle to school, which will give seats to those that need it most.
  • If you're traveling by bus to school this year, remember to plan ahead and follow the social distancing guidelines on the bus. Wear a mask if you are over 11 years old, pay contactless or purchase your ticket in advance and sanitise your hands. #LetsGoToSchool
  • Check if your bus operator has a downloadable app for your smartphone. Arriva and Stagecoach have them. This will allow you to plan your journey and see the latest updates. Allow plenty of time to get to school as buses will be busier to accommodate social distancing. Walk, cycle if you can.


Social media messages:  Let's park a few streets away and walk the rest


  • We've all got 5-10 minutes in the day to park a few streets away.  Let's all help children get back to school safely.  #StayActiveStaySafe
  • Parking a few streets away helps keep the school gates safer and protects the air around the school that children are breathing.  Asthma is on the rise in young children, let's do our part and park further away!  #cleanair  


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