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Let's go to school/college by public transport or car

Let's all stay safe on public transportation
Let's get everyone back to school and college safely by planning ahead.

Public transport to school/college

Going to school may still be different this March.  Due to social distancing, there are fewer seats available and services may be busier.  So, plan your journey and allow extra time to get to school or college.

For up to date changes to public bus timetables check with 

If you can, walk, cycle or scoot to school and college to help those that need a seat most or are travelling from further away.  If you are not travelling to work or school why not use public transport during the off-peak, quieter time to help students get back to school?

Please always follow the guidelines for travelling safely on public transport; including:

Bus and rail operators 

If you take public transport to school or college, certain bus/rail operators have updates and advice to help get you to school safely this March. There are additional services in operation by bus operators to help students get back to school this March, please check with your bus operator for further information. 

Arriva  [external link]

Stagecoach   updates for the Tees Valley (latest news) [external link]

GO Northeast [external link]

Northern Rail has shared guidelines for taking the train getting to school/college [external link]

Driving the school run? Let's consider parking a few streets away.

Why not leave 5-10 minutes early and park a few streets away from the school gates and then walk the rest?  This is a great way to get some fresh air if you are working from home and builds in a few minutes of extra steps.  Importantly, it keeps the roads around school entrances less congested and safer, which helps to avoid collisions and also improves the air that children and young people are breathing.

So let's find those extra 5-10 minutes to park away from the school gates, to relax and take a few extra steps.

Car-share guidance for the school run

If you are driving other students to school keep all of you safe by following some simple guidelines:

  • Car share with the same people every time (each journey).
  • Open the windows for ventilation
  • Wear a face covering if over 11 years old and not exempt
Let's be active. Walk, cycle, or scoot to school if you can.

Get tips and info on your travel choices...

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