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Let's cover our face on the way to school on public transport

Let's all do our bit and wear a mask or face covering on the bus, and in the bus stations on our way to school and college.  If you take a train to school or college - then on trains and at train stations too!

We all know that wearing a mask on public transport helps keep Covid-19 from spreading.   We want to help keep our area bus drivers safe and healthy so that they can keep taking young people to school and college.  We want to help keep other passengers safe and we want to see all young people do their part in this fight against Covid-19.

For more information on what counts as a face covering and even some instructions on how to make your own face coverings, check out the UK Government website for all the information you need.

Also,  please know that as of 28 September 2020, the fine for not wearing a face covering (mask) on public transport has been increased to £200 for the first offense and continues to increase by doubling up to £6,400 for the sixth offense.  

So before you leave the house, before you get on the bus (or train), before you enter the bus/train station, before you leave for school or college - remember to take your mask and wear it! 

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