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Free travel advice for Tees Valley Residents

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We provide Tees Valley residents with free personal travel planning advice to help them to get to work, education or training. 

Let's Go Tees Valley Travel Advisors make travelling around the region cheaper, easier by helping people find ways to improve their health and the environment by leaving their car at home, or car sharing.

They also collect feedback from residents that will help make improvements to greener and healthier transport options in the area.  

You will see the Travel Advisors in the following locations around the region throughout 2018-19: 

Middlesbrough -10th April to 22nd June               
Stockton - 30th June to 30th August                                       
Hartlepool - 31st August to 6th November          
Redcar - 7th November to 19th January
Darlington - 22nd January to 28th March

The Travel Advisors encourage residents to consider greener, healthier and cheaper ways to travel than by car by offering bus timetables and maps along with walking and cycling information. Walking or cycling regularly has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers so the travel advice will deliver health benefits along with environmental and money saving benefits.

The Travel Advisors will carry personal identification and be easy to recognise from their Let's Go Tees Valley branded clothing. 

To keep up to date with where the travel advisors are in each town follow Let's Go Tees Valley on Facebook.

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