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You've got a super duper new bike! Go you!

We are so excited that you are here! We want to encourage you to use your bike as much as you can; so we are offering new bike owners a chance to win £50 of merchandise from our local cycle shops across Tees Valley. Whether you need a helmet, some bike bags, or a basket to help you make those everyday journeys, we hope it helps you use your bike more.

Try cycling to work, or why not use the bike to pop to the shops? Did you know that most everyday errands we do are under 2 miles? That's only about 10 minutes by bike! So, do leave the car at home and hop on your bike - it's more fun!

Welcome to cycling in Tees Valley!

If you want to win more we are giving away monthly £50 vouchers to new bike owners to spend at your favourite local cycle shop. To be in with a chance to win, tell us a bit about yourself and your new bike.

Postcode where you live

We may have missed places you plan to go on your bike but for this we are only interested in where you will cycle in/around Tees Valley.

1-to-1 Cycle Training

We offer FREE 1-to-1 cycle training to any adults or young person that want to feel more confident riding a bike. Interested?

Thanks for telling us a bit more about you and your new bike. Just to let you know - we don't share your data with anyone, no third parties, no one, ever. Please let us know if it's okay to store and process your data. We do need this data for you to be entered to win. If you want us to stay in touch keep reading!

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