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Beast from the East - Travel Advice

Well, we’ve heard the news: the 'Beast from the East' is on its way and we need to brace ourselves. What does this mean for getting out and about across Teesside?

What is the 'Beast from the East'?

Cold air from Siberia is set to sweep across Britain, causing temperatures to plummet to Arctic levels in some places.

Now, we are not meteorologists so we’re not even going to try to start explaining how this all works. What we do know is that it is due to a Polar Vortex, a pocket of very cold air that circulates above the North Pole.

As a result, weather warnings have been issued in the North East, yellow for Monday 26th and amber warnings (heavier snow) for Tuesday and Wednesday 27th and 28th. Find out more about weather warnings from The BBC website.

How can we best prepare for this cold weather here in the Tees Valley?

There are things to bear in mind when it comes to travelling safely in icy weather. We have put together a guide to travelling in wintery conditions which includes:

Remember, be safe out there:

  • Consider whether your journey is essential
  • Try to travel outside of peak times
  • Ensure you have what you need (water, warm enough clothes, good shoes, a fully charged mobile phone)

and if you must travel by car ensure that ALL of your windows are completely clear of snow, ice and de-misted. It is the law.


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