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Join the March 5th Commuter Challenge Redcar

Could you change the way you travel to work for 5 days this March? Travel greener, healthier and cheaper by leaving your car at home or car sharing. Prizes to be won.

Our travel advisors are in Redcar & Cleveland this February/March, challenging commuters to change the way they travel. Our 5-day Commuter Challenge starts on 5th March and we’d love you to join.

We’re visiting council offices and workplaces in the area to spread the word about healthier, greener travel options and the prizes that can be won in the challenge which runs from 5th-11th March 2018 are:

-  One of two £100 voucher draw prizes

-  Three £20 voucher draw prizes

-  The more days you do, the more chances you stand to win!


Why is this important:

  1. Most of us travel to and from work by car
  2. Almost half of these journeys are under 2 miles
  3. These short journeys are less fuel efficient and produce more emissions
  4. 81% of these trips are with just one person in the car

Together, we can change this:

We know that by reducing this type of journey, through car sharing, walking, cycling or taking the bus we can reduce the number of cars on our roads.

Recruiting people for the Redcar & Cleveland Commuter Challenge

This not only reduces emissions giving us cleaner air, it also makes our towns friendlier and safer places to be.

The Commuter Challenge is part of our ongoing calendar of events to help people living and working in the Tees Valley to commit to leaving their car at home to travel greener for more of their journeys.

If you are a business in Redcar & Cleveland looking for:

- A free team building activity for your staff

- A way to improve staff wellbeing

- An answer to the problem of too many cars on or near your site

- Simple ways to improve your carbon footprint


Then please get in touch about our options for employers which include our free Commuter Challenge and Workplace Travel Planning by contacting Alex Kay in the Local Motion team.


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