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Free personalised travel planning returns to Middlesbrough with a new face

Residents in Middlesbrough will be offered free advice to help them travel greener, healthier and cheaper this spring.

The Let’s Go Tees Valley travel advisors, formerly Local Motion, will visit homes in Coulby Newham and Nunthorpe throughout April, May and June with useful information on bus and rail services as well as walking and cycling maps.

They will also make regular visits to Middlesbrough JobCentre Plus to help job seekers access more job and training opportunities, by providing advice on transport options and other services such as free cycle riding and maintenance training. The training is delivered by the Middlesbrough Bike Academy from Middlesbrough Environment City, one of a number of active travel hubs working with Let’s Go Tees Valley across the area.

Let's Go Tees Valley team with partners in Middlesbrough

Monday 14th May sees the start of a week-long Commuter Challenge with workplaces within Middlesbrough, which gives staff the chance to win shopping vouchers in return for changing the way they get to work.

Speaking on behalf of Let’s Go Tees Valley, Sustainable Transport Officer Alex Kay said, “The Let’s Go Tees Valley Personalised Travel Planning programme has been running in the Tees Valley since 2015 under the banner of Local Motion. Last year more than 3,600 Tees Valley residents, including 1,200 job seekers received greener travel planning advice from one of our travel advisors.”

Early results for 2017/18 for the programme indicate that more than a quarter of residents who showed ‘some potential to change’ their method of travel actually then went on to change their travel behaviour long-term.

Michael Lawton, Transport Planning Officer from Middlesbrough Borough Council said, “This is great news for our residents and, in particular, commuters, job seekers and students. The more travel options you know about, the more flexibility you have when choosing where to work, study or shop. It’s having programmes such as this that helps support Middlesbrough’s ambitions and also maintains its One Planet Living status.”

Sustainable travel is seen as a vital component of the wider issues of tackling traffic congestion, air quality and public health throughout the UK.

Let’s Go Tees Valley equips people who live and work in the Tees Valley to get where they need to be without having to rely on a car; providing more opportunities to walk, cycle, car-share and use public transport.

To keep up to date with where the travel advisors are or to find out more about the Commuter Challenge, call 01325 40 50 40 or visit

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