Have fun this October and walk to school

A generation ago, 70% of us walked to school – now it’s less than half. 

We want to reverse this decline. We want children to be energised and empowered, and to make walking to school their natural choice. (Source: Living Streets)


It's fun to walk, it's free exercise and it blows away the cobwebs before school and work.  Give it a go this month and tell us how you feel via Facebook #walktoschoool

TIP:  Give yourself some extra time to get out the door.  Depending on where you live, it can be just as fast to walk to school as getting everyone into the car and finding parking. 

To show you how much kids like walking to school here are their shoes to tell you more:

 (courtesy of our friends at Living Streets who want to get more people walking)

Fun & Games

Fun and games:  here are 5-pages of fun games [external link] to do while walking to school from Walk for Life!

Be safe on the school run

Just like you did when you were a kid we encourage you to use the green cross code and help your kids walk to school safely.

Here is the Green Cross Code from Road Safety GB

Take some time to practise this with the kids you walk to school with.

Green Cross Code Man is Dave Prowse, the same guy that played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars Trilogy.

More information...

Early years and key stage one children: [external link] this site has some fun games to help your kids learn about being safe in traffic.   



Primary school children: [external link]  this website from the Department of Transportation provides road safety information for teachers, kids and parent of primary school children.



 Secondary school aged young people: [external link]  this site will give more information on road safety for secondary school children getting to school.  

Get tips and info on your travel choices...

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