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Pedestrian Training in Schools

Over 30,000 children in Darlington have been taught how to safely navigate roads when walking to school and crossing the street.  Pedestrian training is offered to children in Years 1 and Year 2 and  Years 3 and 4 to gain practical skills and understanding how to safely walk on today’s roads. Road safety knowledge is a key skill that can save lives. 

Please note that currently due to Covid-19 Year 1and Year 2 training has been temporarily suspended due to the social distancing requirements and to keep children safe. 

This scheme will involve our trained instructors taking small groups of children out of school into the local area. Safety will be paramount and all instructors and children will be required to wear high visibility waistcoats, which we will provide.  All training areas have been risk-assessed and our trainers have had appropriate checks by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

 Training sessions are spread over a period of 3 weeks. Year 1 and Year 2 children will be taken out for 30 minutes once a week. Year 3 and Year 4 children will be taken out for 40 minutes once a week. During this time we will cover basic traffic education, crossing roads and sensible pedestrian behaviour. Until they reach year 3, children will not be asked to make any independent decisions about crossing roads. Years 1 and 2 children must hold an instructor’s hand at all times when they are out of the school grounds.

Please could we ask you to ensure your child is dressed appropriately for all weather conditions on pedestrian training days?

Pedestrian Training Consent Form to complete.

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