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Why are people in Stockton taking our Pledge?

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Could you use your car less?

This Earth Day, Sunday 22 April, we were at the Stockton Duathlon chatting to people about reducing car travel, especially for local journeys and getting more active in their everyday lives.

In addition to having a go on the fantastic smoothie bike (they were delicious) we asked everyone to think about how they could change the way they travel to reduce car journeys and take our Pledge.

Local journeys by car are having an impact on us all

How many times a day do we hop in the car for a short journey, just to the shop, to school, or to get to our jobs?

We know that more than 86 % of car journeys have just one person in the vehicle, nearly half of all journeys are under 2 miles. More than half in the UK are under 5 miles, creating a big problem in terms of emissions.

Exhaust emissions can be higher during the first few minutes of starting the engine, which means that these short journeys are resulting in very high levels of vehicle emissions in the form of harmful gases.

We can do something about this together

Whether it was pledging to walk a mile each day or swapping specific local trips usually done in the car one thing stood out:

Building exercise into 

  • going to work
  • getting to school
  • visiting the shops 
  • having fun with friends and family

is a good idea! Not only does it help us reduce emissions it also improves our fitness and mental health.

Drive less often in the Tees Valley for a chance to win

Pledgers included the Stockton-on-Tees Mayor and Deputy Mayor, students from Teesside University and even duathlon contestants, pledging to get even more active!

Now that the weather is getting better it is easy to consider walking or cycling to work for example, walking an extra stop to catch the bus, or to the shop rather than taking the car.

Pledge to change the way you travel for a chance to win £50 in vouchers.


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