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5 Ways to an Effortless (well almost) Active Commute

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Did you know, a recent study by the University of Copenhagen revealed that cycling to work and back is almost as good as a five day a week gym routine? A 20 minute walk burns around 100 calories.

By combining commuting with exercise by incorporating walking or cycling into your morning and evening journey you’re killing two birds with one stone, saving time (and money) in your busy day.

Walking is the original green travel mode and apart from good shoes is free. Walking an extra stop or two to catch the bus could save you money while a bicycle is far cheaper to maintain than a car. With more than 707 km of cycle routes across the Tees Valley cycling to work could be an option for you.

When you are planning an active walk or cycle commute, preparation is the key to ensuring that the wheels don’t fall off (so to speak).

Five simple ways to ensure that your car-free commute is effortless include:

  1. Decide what is feasible in terms of days, mode and distance. Having unrealistic expectations is setting yourself up for failure! Build up to long distances, use the Connect Tees Valley journey planner on our home page or do a dry run (or three) on a non-work day if you are worried about timings.
  2. Ensure you are prepared with the right kit and shoes:

  3. Know how to change an inner tube (and carry spares)! Contact your travel Hub and find out about cycle maintenance courses in your area.
  4. Find the best route and suss out the cycle parking. The Connect Tees Valley website includes a journey planner for walking and cycling, contact your local hub for maps and advice.
  5. Ensure you have what you need at the other end of your journey! No one wants to walk into their 9 o’clock looking like a sweaty mess.

Factor in an extra 5-10 minutes to cool down and change. Use your detachable panniers to store extra clothes, make-up and other items. If you are walking try to find a place to keep these items at work.

Get more out of your day

A few minutes preparation, making sure you are comfortable and equipped means that you can:

  • Enjoy your active commute
  • Stay safe
  • Arrive on time and ready to work
  • Save time while improving your health

Another way to get more exercise at work, especially while the weather is good, is to organise walking meetings. They're great for boosting brainpower and creative thinking. Find out how to organise a walking meeting to get the most out of them.

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