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Why we should walk to school with our children?

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Walking to school is great but it takes time. Why do it?

Swapping the car for one or more school journeys each week can not only improve your family’s fitness levels but also boosts your brains for learning, increased productivity and concentration. Find out what our children have to say about it.

Benefits of walking to school include:

  • More time together to share ideas, make plans for the day and give advice
  • Walking has been found to increase concentration and productivity compared to driving
  • Helps children learn valuable road safety skills for independence later on
  • Helps children learn to navigate their local area, getting to know people and places
  • Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day while you need at least 30 minutes – walking is a great way to keep active

Why walking with your children is important

Primary age children can’t judge traffic well. When it comes to traffic, while adults can make accurate judgements about speeds over 20mph and distance children under secondary school age:

  • Can’t judge distance and speed very well
  • Their motor skills are not as developed as adults and so they also don’t judge the speed of their own movement against that of the moving vehicle well enough to be safe.

So, primary school age children should always be accompanied on their walk.

This provides plenty of opportunity to teach them more about safe crossing including where, when and how to cross a road.

Enter our #TeesValleySchoolWalk photo competition on Instagram

To celebrate Walk to School Month this October we are running a photo competition on Instagram. Simply share your feet on the walk to school (get as creative as you like!), tag us and use the #TeesValleySchoolWalk hash tag.

Find out more and get some ideas here

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