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Are you looking for ways to build exercise into your day but you think you don't have time?

Are you stuck in the habit of driving to work?

So it's been winter, but that's nearly gone now thankfully. Our warm coats have done us proud for the past couple of months but now we're mentally ready to pack them away until next year. The sun has started shining again and we can feel the good vibes of spring nearing their way to us. Maybe you have a fitness goal on the horizon and you're getting those pangs of panic that time is running away from you quicker than your training is picking up speed. Perhaps you're looking for ways to start your fitness journey with a gentle ease in.

Could you consider walking or cycling to work? 

We've been talk to the winners of the Redcar & Cleveland Commuter Challenge to find out how they chose to travel during the challenge week and whether they'll continue to swap their cars for a healthier option. 

Walking could make your morning simpler

Ruth & Sam at Redcar & Cleveland College

We spoke with Ruth who explained that she's built walking into her daily routine, she loves the fact that she doesn't have to think about getting her car ready, and parking it when she arrives at work, she literally puts her coat on grabs her bag and she's out of the front door in no time. She's fortunate that her place of work is so close to home, but she could take the easy option and drive as there are plenty of parking spaces at the college.  As a dog owner, walking is a necessity, so she adds to her daily commuting steps with a few more on an evening whilst walking her dog. 

Cycling doesn't have to stop when you get to work

David from Redcar & Cleveland Council

David shared his experience as a keen cyclist - he enjoys his cycle to work but it doesn't stop there. His work takes him out and about Redcar & Cleveland visiting businesses to offer support, and where he can, he does those journeys around the borough by bike. He said he is well known for turning up to meetings in his cycling jacket and helmet. There are some appointments which would take too long to cycle and ten his car wins out but when its a good use of time he would always chose to pedal on.

Car sharing can improve your mental health and well-being

We spoke with Bev in Guisborough who has been doing her bit to help a colleague who joined Redcar & Cleveland Council on their apprentice scheme. Her colleague was facing bus fares of around £80 per month which could be a huge barrier to anyone taking a job, especially when your wage is needed for other important things. So Bev stepped in and now travels 5 miles out of her way in the morning and in the evening to help her colleague get to work and save her well earned wages.  Everyone feels good when you've chosen to help someone else, so the benefits are two-fold. And don't worry, Bev doesn't lose out - she is paid in scones, and who doesn't love a scone!


How can you make your journey to work a more active one? 

If you're considering cycling to work we've found some good tips to prepare you from the team at Cycling Weekly. But there are some things which we can help you with too. 

1. We have some great cycling maps and route cards which are listed by area and also links to regional maps.

2. We've collated a list of tips for cycling safely.

3. You can read more inspiring stories of cyclists in the Tees Valley


Or if walking is your mode of choice take a look at the walking routes in your area. And we've even suggested some walking apps which could help you track your progress. 


And if this has got you all raring to go, why not take the opportunity to join our commuter challenge 

We run our Commuter Challenge across Tees Valley, improving employee well-being and reducing pressure on car-parking. If your business would like to get involved you can contact Alex Kay at Let's Go Tees Valley.

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