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7 great reasons to get out for a walk in Winter


 So far we have not had any major winter blizzards or a ‘snow-mageddon’ – touch wood – but it is still winter and let’s face it getting active as this time of year is not easy, but fitting a regular walk into your commute or regular weekly activities can help in many ways. 

One of the best ways to ‘get out of your car and into your life’ is simply to fit a walk into your weekly life. This blog highlights some great benefits of doing just that:

1. It’s the easiest thing to start

It can be as simple as starting with swapping one of your car journeys to work, the school run or college with a walk as a mini workout instead.

Even this gentle start can be good for your health and well-being as well as requiring nothing more than walking shoes and a decision on when to start.

As well as sneaking exercise into your commute, it could save you money in comparison to commuting by car, think of all that petrol saved, parking costs and on and on, it all adds up.


2. Walking is good for the environment

Every commuter journey that you replace the car with a walk, is less carbon in the atmosphere. Walking does not pollute – it’s that simple.

Whether on the work commute or replacing shorter car trips to shops, school or gym, replacing these journeys with a walk reduces your carbon footprint.

With climate and environmental matters more in the news, many people now actively want to “do my bit” for the environment and replacing local car journeys with a walk is a great first step in doing this.


3. You burn more calories when it’s cold

So, this one is an appeal to all of us who for whom Christmas season may seem like a long time ago now even if the extra pounds in weight are harder to forget about.

Here is a simple point – you burn more calories when being active in the cold - as your body burns more to keep you warm.

So, walking in the cold will bring its own exercise and fat-burning benefits, plus there’s also the additional calorie burning bump prompted by the cold when you are walking outdoors in winter.

So additional calories burnt just for going for a walk outdoors in winter, something to consider.

4. It’s not only good for weight-loss but great for your health and well-being too

By getting active with walking in winter, adapting to the cold outdoors can also strengthen your body against winter germs. Building up resistance like this can lead to you getting ill less often. adapt to the cold as your body will gradually get used to the cold.

Many GP’s now prescribe walking as exercise and a way to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, there has been much research in this area highlighting that walking is a great mood enhancer.

Add to that the benefits of strengthening joints and improving flexibility and walking is a real winner. The NHS Inform website has some great advice on the health benefits of walking.


5. It can be a fun and social too

Walking can be social too. If you have ever been out walking with a dog, you’ll have the noticed the nod of recognition and hello or occasional chat to other regular walkers.

Whether it’s a solo power walk or a walk with a friend, walking can be a great way to engage with others. You could also make it a family event and get the whole family outdoors for a brisk walk, enjoying the great outdoors, and getting that all-important fresh air.

If you want to join a walking group you can find groups in your area on the walking section of our website.



6. Our local area has so many wonderful walks

Whether it’s urban walks to work, leisurely countryside walks, bracing coastal walks or challenging hikes in the Dales, Tees Valley has many wonderful walking routes to explore.

You can also find some great walking maps on our website.

Or for great walking routes and places to visit across Tees Valley check out the recommendations on the Enjoy Tees Valley website at:


7. It’s free! *

*Unless you need to buy new trainers or walking shoes first that is.


Final thought:

So, this winter forget trying to get your 10,000 daily steps in and just leave the car at home for some local trips and take an enjoyable walk instead, some of these benefits will soon start to follow.

By Stephen at 31 Jan 2020, 13:00 PM


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