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School run focus groups

Focus Group:  Tees Valley parents/carers of primary school children and what prevents them from using sustainable transport on the school run

The following information is being made available to show findings of what we learned when we interviewed parents and carers of primary aged school children in the Tees Valley regarding how they take/transport children to and from school.

Summary of Interviewees

Focus groups were held in June 2017. Two focus groups were conducted, out of 43 registrations, a total of nine participants were involved (17 participants were confirmed to attend), each session lasted 60 minutes. Participants represented in the focus groups included employed, self-employed or working part time parents, not employed but looking for work and not looking for work. Using open-ended, non-leading and in some cases, a multiple choice interview protocol to guide discussion and inform Connect Tees Valley regarding barriers and ideas to make sustainable transport on the school run more appealing than using the car.

Here are the outcomes, video and audio transcripts from the focus groups


Connect Tees Valley Focus Group Responses:  Parents/Carers of primary aged school children and the barriers faced to enable using sustainable transport on the school run (.pdf)

Notes:   Q12 omitted - there was an error on the original files when proofed and because a number of questions had been deleted, the questions left were not renumbered.  Therefore to avoid confusion due to film and audio content and the reported outcome included 12A.The group did not respond to question 17A, therefore the report is marked N/A.



Please do not share these videos publically as participants were told that these were for internal purposes only.

Video of Darlington focus group (YouTube)  1:01:17 runtime

Video of Middlesbrough focus group (Vimeo)  57:39 runtime


Audio Transcripts:

Audio transcript of Darlington group (.pdf)

Audio transcript of Middlesbrough group (.pdf)

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